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In 2008 passionate wine lovers and die-hard music fans came together to launch Wines That Rock - creating our own category in the wine industry - “Great Tasting Wines Inspired by Music”.  

With classic tracks from Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, The Police and Woodstock blasting in the cellar, our rockin winemaker crafted custom wines for each of these legendary artists and their timeless albums—blending one-of-a-kind wines with Rock ‘n Roll mythology.

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In honor of the Grateful Dead's famous improvisational concerts that have brought joy to so many, this wine celebrates Mendocino County's bounty of diversity and freedom of experimentation. Wines That Rock presents a custom-crafted wine inspired by the vibes and times that make the Grateful Dead like no other.

Once in awhile you get shown inspiration in the strangest of places...

$17.99 $16.99

Wines That Rock presents a custom-crafted red wine blend inspired by The Police's record-breaking, genre-bending album, Synchronicity. In the spirit of this haunting and ardently loved classic, this wine showcases the texture and enduring appeal of Mendocino County winemaking.

With one breath, with one flow—you will know—Synchronicity.


The custom-crafted Rolling Stones Merlot is rock ‘n’ roll in a bottle. Inspired by the 40 track-album that covers the Rolling Stone’s career, it's a time-tested, powerfully tasty classic.


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